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We're here to START your journey
towards a brighter future today.

At START Support Services, we believe that empathy is at the heart of exceptional disability support services. As a Hunter Region, family-owned business with strong foundations in supporting the Aboriginal community, we understand the importance of compassion, respect, and understanding when it comes to providing care.

Our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing the highest quality support to individuals with disabilities and their families. From personal care and daily activities, social community access and coordination of supports, we're here to help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Everyone deserves to be treated with empathy and understanding, and we strive to create a supportive environment that fosters independence, dignity, and a sense of belonging. With a focus on cultural competency and sensitivity, we work closely with our participants and their families to create customised care plans that meet their unique needs.

At START Support Services, we're passionate about making a positive impact in our community, and we're proud to be a trusted partner for people in need of disability support. Whether you're looking for short-term assistance or ongoing care, we're here to provide the support you need to thrive.

So if you're looking for disability support services that are truly understanding and professional, come see us at START Support Services. We're here to START your journey towards a brighter future today.

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We would like to pay our deepest respects to the traditional owners and custodians of these lands, whose ancient cultures and knowledge have been nurtured and passed down through countless generations. We acknowledge the deep spiritual and cultural connections that the Indigenous peoples have with this land and its natural resources, and the ongoing strength and resilience of their communities. We commit to listening and learning from the voices and perspectives of Indigenous peoples, and to work towards reconciliation, respect, and healing for all who call this land home.

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